Retreats at The Daydreamers

At The Daydreamers you may book onto a 5-day holistic and transformational retreat. Throughout the 5 days you will be able to take part in activities, such as yoga and meditation, as well as workshops and talks during which we will discuss effective goal setting, financial freedom and much more. The retreat itself focuses on 3 main elements that we deem are the most important to ultimately making the change in your life.


It is vital that, as humans, we allow ourselves to grow. If you're not moving, you're standing still. The key to change is growth, envision where you want to be, and be there. Explore the limits of your mind and make your vision a reality. At The Daydreamers there will be daily workshops/talks, which focus on the 'growth' pillar.


Be ready for the adventure. Push your limits, graze on the edge of your comfort zone and become friends with who you truly are. Explore the true potential of what lies within you. Allow yourself to feel the fear and do it anyway.


Heighten your spirits and focus your awareness. Accept your feelings and be ready to embark on this journey. It starts with you and within you, you have everything you could possibly need.

You’re just a daydream away from your new life. Get in touch to book onto our next 5-day destination retreat today. Let us grow, adventure and be well together.