About The Daydreamers

If you find yourself reading this now, then you must be looking to make a real change in your life? Do you find yourself sitting at your desk daydreaming throughout the day about your ideal life, a life that you're in complete control of? Or perhaps you’re sat behind the wheel of your car wishing you were on an adventure elsewhere, other than your nine to five? Are you in search of a life that is full of excitement, passion and fulfillment?

What is

You know what you want, but you just aren’t sure how to get it or go about it? You find yourself yearning to live this vision of your life, but it feels as though you have no time to make it happen, or that it is an impossible and unrealistic task… Am I right?

I've been there too, my name is Jaina, and I am the founder of The Daydreamers. I know what it feels like to be living a life you're not truly fulfilled by, you spend most of your time yearning for something more, searching for FREEDOM…I get it. My daydream was to leave my job, be my own boss and have the time and freedom to choose to do whatever I wanted, as and when I wanted. After a year and a half of sheer determination, I was able to make my daydream a reality, I left my job and have not looked back since.

Head over to our ‘Retreat’ page to see how we can help you with your growth and how we can help you steer towards a life of fulfillment, wellness and adventure!

Remember... You're only a daydream away